Master-level exercise physiologist, professional trainer, and assistant coach. Ruben Bentanzos provides expertise into the third dimension within the player development model to bridge the gap between athletics and soccer-specific skills.


Coach Bentazos joins us from Spain where he applies his trade as a trainer and assistant coach. Ruben is an exercise physiologist by training with a specialty in soccer. He is a graduate of the University of Pablo de Olavide (Seville). As a professional, he’s worked with clubs such as Córdoba CF, Mirandés SAD, CD Izarra, UD Sanse, and many more.


Coach Betanzos is a “physio” for our 2022 camp. He will plan, conduct and assist with aspects of athletic development and optimum physical performance.

  • Athletic performance
  • Physical capacity
  • Injury prevention
  • Physical and mental conditioning
  • Pre and postgame analysis
  • UEFA A Manager – licensed professional
  • Mastery in Soccer – Spanish Football certification
  • Sports & Physical Science – master level certification
  • Injury Prevention – master level certification
  • Game Preparation – master level certification
  • Córdoba CF – physio and athletic trainer
  • Rápido de Bouzas – physio and athletic trainer
  • CD Izarra – physio and athletic trainer
  • UD Sanse – physio and athletic trainer